The future of clean aquaculture

“Probotic’s vision are a to contribute to a more sustainable future”

– CEO and Founder, Mikkel Pedersen

To get there, we make new tech for a cleaner food production

Probotic belives that everyone can make a difference.
Our contribution is to provide tech that can improve today’s food production. Our pilot innovation directly reduces climate emissions by a great deal! The fact that we also ensure better animal welfare and reduce operational costs, is proof that we are on the right path.


Probotic is creating the future of fish farm net cleaning: The autonomous net cleaning drone A2CLEAN. By continuously preventing biofilm creation on the fish nets, A2CLEAN ensures a clean net and fresh water for the fish. The robot is only paused by battery charging, or when sent to dock by operator if work needs to be done on the farms, such as delizing or changing a net..


Probotic present the future of fish farming net cleaning. The autonomous net- cleaning drone A2CLEAN. By continuous hindering the creation of biofilm on the fish-nets, A2CLEAN keeps the nets clean. The robot is only paused by battery- charging or sent home by operator if work is needed done on the farms, like delizing or net-changing.

About us

At Probotic, we have a clear vision for a more sustainable future for fish farming. Our mission is to launch data-based solutions that directly contribute to the sustainable future we want for ourselves and coming generations.

Our first product, and founder Mikkel Pedersen’s «baby», is to create an autonomous drone that will be the aquaculture industry’s answer to the robot vacuum cleaner.

Much is uncertain about the future, but we know that we will need food, and the food we eat needs to be produced in an increasingly sustainable manner. Farmed salmon is already a great way to produce food, and we believe we can make it even better.

Our first contribution to improving the production is to enable always clean fish farming nets, and thereby ending the use of copper-based impregnation, a major environmental issue in fish farming today.

The autonomous drone is our first product, but it is the start of something more: the development and use of smart technology to ensure cleaner food production, suited for the needs of tomorrow.

Do you share our vision?
Get in touch and let’s work together towards our goal!


The A2CLEAN is friends with the fish, and because the fish has cleaner water due to the constant cleaning, you get healthy fish and thereby secure an optimal production environment!


Probotic ensures crucial competence 1707 2560 Probotic

Probotic ensures crucial competence

Probotic ensures crucial competenceAlbert Muntadas has started as a Software Developer in Probotic on 15 November. Muntadas (32) is from the Pyrenees in Spain and has since 2012 worked with autonomy and AUVs. He has recently completed a postdoctoral position…

Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen visits Probotic 1024 768 Probotic

Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen visits Probotic

Minister of Fisheries and Seafood Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen visits Probotic On September 17th, we had a visit from the Minister of Fisheries and Seafood, Odd Emil Ingebrigtsen. Probotic and several other technology companies presented their ambitions and plans for the…

Successful testing  920 613 Probotic

Successful testing 

Successful testingProbotic’s autonomous net cleaner is now one step closer to launch. After a successful test at pilot customer Ballangen Sjøfarm and Cermaq Norway, the team at Probotic has now achieved “Proof Of Concept.” The prototype was tested in a…

Press release 1536 1024 Probotic

Press release

Background:– Probotic was established in 2019. The company currently has 2 permanent employees, With office and workshop premises in Narvik. Probotic currently has a patented a Method for cleaning the marine fauling on net, and has recently acquired new owners…

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PROBOTIC is located in Narvik, deep inside an arctic fjord in Northern Norway. We do all of our testing and development under the harshest of conditions.

Probotic AS
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    NOR Maritime Service (NORMS) is our service company that ensures that our development work is rooted in real needs. By being out with customers every single day, we gather first hand knowledge and know-how. This combined with research is what we base our development on. Through knowledge-based innovation, we will suceed with our goal to provide a more sustainable future.