Probotic ensures crucial competence

Probotic ensures crucial competence 1707 2560 Probotic

Probotic ensures crucial competence

Albert Muntadas has started as a Software Developer in Probotic on 15 November.

Muntadas (32) is from the Pyrenees in Spain and has since 2012 worked with autonomy and AUVs. He has recently completed a postdoctoral position at NTNU within technical cybernetics, specializing in docking systems of autonomous AUVs. Among other things, Albert was involved in the establishment of the start-up Searm, an autonomous underwater robot originating from NTNU.

– We are very happy to have brought in a resource like Albert on the team. Through his education and experience, he adds critical competence to the team, which will really accelerate the development, says Mikkel Pedersen, general manager of Probotic.

In his position as Development Manager for Software in Probotic, Muntadas will have overall responsibility for software development for the drone, as well as be central to the company’s strategy work on IoT and data.

Albert will lead the company’s department in Trondheim, where the company has ambitions to recruit many skilled autonomy engineers in the coming years.

Albert started right in the position with testing of the prototype at one of Probotics’ pilot customers sites.

– It is important that all members of the development team have in-depth knowledge of the real conditions out in a cage, Mikkel adds. – Therefore, we went straight to the cage and tested our prototype, the second day after Albert entered.

Probotic is now working on its fifth prototype iteration and can reveal that it will not be long before full-scale tests are implemented. -it is the docking solution and the integration of the software-management system that now has the focus and takes the most time in the development work.