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Probotic hiring developers!

We are strengthening our software team and hiring Developers

We’re looking for persons with data science skills, that can fulfill our software team and wants to be a part of developing new technology for a more sustainable way of fish farming, “CLEAN AQUACULTURE”.

As part of the team you will join us on the exciting mission to commercialize the world’s first autonomous drone for net inspection and cleaning in fish pens. We are a small, but highly competent team, which means that your contribution will make a real impact, and that close collaboration is key in order to succeed.

Together we will develop technology that will forever change the way fish farmers operate, and more importantly be an important driver towards making the industry more sustainable. We will help the world produce cleaner and healthier food in a more sustainable way!

The product we are developing is an autonomous drone that can operate inside the fish pen for several weeks, without the need for human involvement or assistance. The unit must be capable of returning to docking when in need of charging, and of charging itself at the docking. This is our first product, but in the future our core technology will do a lot more than “just” inspection and cleaning the net – for instance data acquisition and visualization of health status of the fish.

At Probotic, we’re working on the borderline between technology and aquaculture; the two industries which are expected to have the highest growth in the upcoming years. Although we work together, and collaboration is key to success, at Probotic you will be given freedom to manage and structure large parts of your own day. Our culture is based on supporting each other and reaching our goals together as a team, where the “we” is strongly positioned, even though our team is divided into two geographically separated divisions, Narvik and Trondheim.

Since we are still in the early stages of development there are many choices to be made regarding programming languages, cloud solutions, and so on. We are first and foremost looking for a person that wants to further develop their skills in a highly competent working environment, and that is interested in taking on the roles and learning required by the state of technology development. The person we are looking for will be a valuable team member, guiding us in important decisions relating to data science.